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VOIP. Voice over IP (the internet) means you can call people by using your internet connection. There are many providers of this type of service (the most popular being skype).
Some even let you phone standard landlines for free. !Click For more info!

Pa Pro Entertainment

Our company Ethos is quite exceptional .."If we do not fix it you do not pay" fast, friendly and affordable professional service. And above all; honesty and integrity. We guaranteed every thing we do not just new components but all work carried out, service/upgrade, network or second hand PC / Laptop etc. 100% perfection is not a goal its a requirement! and we don't rest until you are completely happy.
The Costa Blanca has been our home for over 7 years now. We are not here for a quick buck, we here for the duration and only by making a good reputation can you do that!


We pride ourselves on our reputation

Because of our quality service, our reputation has spread far and fast and its not unknown for us to have computers sent from the UK or france to be repaired.
With a database of 7000 satisfied patrons and nearly 1500 new clients coming every year it would appear that doing a good job really pays.
  • Fast IT services
  • Friendly
  • Reliably
  • Honest
  • IT Professionals
  • Affordable Computers
  • Guaranteed Repair Service
  • Quality Components
  • Computer Advice (free)
  • IT Consultation (free)
  • Phone support (free)

Dale: Chief technician here at Pc Pro has been repairing Computers, Laptops, and servers, installing Networks and providing pc repair / support for more that 10 years. Dale is also a keen karaoke performer here on the costa blanca, and helps and supplies most of the local stars with their karaoke & Computer equipment

Beyond the call of duty.
Because of our IT experience with large companies and offices, we understand that some business have deadlines and it is not uncommon for us to work any night (mon-sun) into the early hours to repair office networks and service mission critical computers and servers,

Thank you.

We would just like to thank all our friends and clients for all supporting Pc Pro Computers and promise to keep our standards high and prices low.

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Latest Graphics
  No doubt about it, if your into games or video, the single most important component is your graphics card.! click for info!

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Desktop & Mobile Processor
Intel® Core™2 Duo processor is the new brand name for our next-generation energy-efficient performance desktop and mobile processors. The Intel® Core™2 processors for desktop and mobile computers are based on the Intel® Core™ microarchitecture, Intel's new industry-leading foundation for all mobile, desktop and server platforms moving forward.
intel core 2 duo intel core 2 duo quad
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