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VOIP. Voice over IP (the internet) means you can call people by using your internet connection. There are many providers of this type of service (the most popular being skype).
Some even let you phone standard landlines for free. !Click For more info!

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How did we ever live with out it?
Its such a basic requirement of life these days, and yet here in Spain it can be a luxury. There is nothing worse then moving into your new home and finding out you can not get a standard landline .There are options now though!
Here are the Basic connection types.
  • Dial up
  • ADSL
  • Cable
  • Wi Fi
  • Satellite
  • GPRS

Dial up (analogue) We can set your computer with an ISP in same day service.

Standard Modem 56k, You need to have a fixed cable landline to use it. It come in PAYG (Pay. As. You .Go.)or Tarifa Plana . PAYG quite simple is like making a local call to the internet . There are no monthly bills, just what you use appears on you telephone bill. It is usually cheaper in off peak time ..6pm to 8am Mon to Fri and all day Sat and Sun. This is Ideal for people who use the internet infrequently or who are not permanent residents here in Spain. Tarifa Plana its a fixed tariff (e.g. €21.00/month) this allows to to use the internet as much as you like without running up unknown bills every month. The main disadvantages of dial up are its speed and your landline is tied up whilst your on the internet.
ADSL (digital)
Router /Usb ADSL modem. By far the best service we have in this part of Spain. It is fast reliable and affordable. If its available in your area and you use the internet a lot this is the one for you. No business should be with out it. It has varying speeds depending on the service provider or the contract you have. (normally 1Mb down 320Kb up) There are many new providers coming into this area , which should lower its price in the coming months, but at the moment expect to pay about €39.00/ month, which should include local and national call too.
Installation, Configuring Firewalls, Lans, Upnp etc. We also supply routers wireless solutions etc.
Cable (Digital)
This is another type of broadband but travels through a TV cable with TV as apposed to a phone line. A very good service, if there are no phone lines in your area but cable is available take it, it will give you Tv Internet & IP phone.
We can support this service and supply wireless access points plus skype handsets etc.


Wi Fi (Make no mistake this is not satellite)
Wi Fi, there are many new providers of wifi internet spreading across this part of Spain. It offers internet for those unfortunate people without a landline. The service can be a little poor compared to ADSL but it is getting better and if you have no chance of getting a landline it is a cost effective way to get on line. You still have to be within a certain distance of the broadcaster.
We are looking for reliable providers to contact us with their services and area coverage, so we may recommend them to our clients


This is the most deployable internet connection in the world. It makes no difference where you live, with this system a bi-directional dish/transmitter is put on your roof , the signal is sent to space and back to a headend. If you need internet and are in a bad geographical area, this will get you online. Because of the equipment needed and satellite bandwidth is expensive. The cost of this system is quite high compared to other connections check out www.spansat.com.
We can install this systems anywhere. support them and make them wireless
GPRS (mobile phone connection)
Depending on what you need your internet for; decides the usefulness of this service, if you are moving around a lot with your laptop and need to stay in email contact , this is second to none. If its for home use then really its only good for email and basic internet use e.g.. booking flights. If you need to download large files it will become expensive very quickly. Another problem with it is it requires a good mobile phone signal. The initial cost of the unit can be quite expensive.
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