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VOIP. Voice over IP (the internet) means you can call people by using your internet connection. There are many providers of this type of service (the most popular being skype).
Some even let you phone standard landlines for free. !Click For more info!

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Everyone is talking about it, and soon everyone shall be talking using it!

But what exactly is it?

VOIP (voice over IP) Is a very simple service that allows you to talk to anyone with the same service completely for free. It works by making a connection from one computer (i.e... yours) to another computer (i.e... your friend or family member) through your Internet connection (tunneling). Because you are already connected to the Internet , and have paid your internet provider there is no extra cost. This is especially effective for those you have ADSl or other types or Broadband "always on" connection and pay a flat rate (monthly subscription).

Does it ever cost anything?

Yes! Not everyone has a computer! (*and they should come and see us*)but you can still call them using your computer to telephone a standard landline any where in the world. Because you are now leaving the internet Zone, you must pay a fee to the telephone company.(This is called Break out. and the phone company is called a PSTN) the phone company's charge will vary from country to country. The rate will be much cheaper than using your landline because the VOIP provider will have made a large financial agreement with each country's PSTN to give you the cheapest possibly call rate.
These call rates will be posted on the VOIP providers website.


Do I have to pay? and how Do I pay?

No you do not have to pay. You can freely download the software and use it for free with other users of the same software completely free of charge, once you do not ring landlines. You can not make a mistake and suddenly get a bill, because that part of the service will not be activated until you subscribe for it.

To pay you must use your credit card or paypal (depending on providers) and prepay a set amount normally €10.00. This is just the same as a PAYG (pay as you go) mobile.

Does it sound the same as a regular telephone?
Normally yes, sometimes even better. But you may get some sound loss for a few different reasons. Low quality microphone, wrong drivers for the sound card on your computer, Spyware or virus slowing your internet connection, a badly configured firewall. All these things are easily fixed by your local computer repair shop.
Are there any bad VOIP providers?
Possibly; but we have not found any yet. We have found a few which seem to use the same software and have the same appearance, and do the same job but with different names. Remember you can try before you buy so don't worry use other peoples' recommendations and you can't go to far wrong!

Here are our Recommendations

www.skype.com The most popular. Very good sound. easy to set up. Lots of accessories, its very easy to get a handset which works with the software. Very cheap call to landlines. some free landlines would be nice!

www.voipbuster.com This is a great provider giving free phone calls to lots of different countries. Still quite new so a lot of handsets don't work with it. Note*you can have both on your computer without any problems*.
Some handsets

(left)Us Robotics USB ..cheap, reliable, easy to use, good sound! Only disadvantage, it has a cable so you need to sit by computer!

(right)Dual Phone. Best on the market single phone for your computer and standard landlines so no matter who rings you only have to pick up one phone, wireless handset, so you don't have to sit beside your computer, (perfect)

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VOIP buster

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