Voice over IP
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VOIP. Voice over IP (the internet) means you can call people by using your internet connection. There are many providers of this type of service (the most popular being skype).
Some even let you phone standard landlines for free. !Click For more info!

Pa Pro Entertainment
The Internet is full of free or try before you buy games, below are links to some good websites. so if you fancy a break from all that hard work Just click the pictures to go to their websites.
Pop cap is an excellent site for shareware games, very addictive easy to play puzzle type games, all free to try and if you like tem they are really cheap to buy.


Action Games

Game spy is a great place to play all types of game with other people around the world
www.americasarmy.com complete free online game

Megagames is an ideal site to find game news, demos, reviews, and movies of new releases, and also updates & patches for your current games.

Work hard -- Play harder
Some of us here at Pc Pro have been playing computer games since the first ones where invented. We have followed the history and evolution of games and tried and tested the hardware as it developed. We have archived world ranking in online completions.
When it comes to games we know are stuff, if you are looking for the ultimate games machine, you have come to the right place!
We also can help you set up lan parties or turn intenet cafes into multiplayer game rooms.

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Latest Graphics
  No doubt about it, if your into games or video, the single most important component is your graphics card.! click for info!

Free calls to spanish phones
VOIP buster

Desktop & Mobile Processor
Intel® Core™2 Duo processor is the new brand name for our next-generation energy-efficient performance desktop and mobile processors. The Intel® Core™2 processors for desktop and mobile computers are based on the Intel® Core™ microarchitecture, Intel's new industry-leading foundation for all mobile, desktop and server platforms moving forward.
intel core 2 duo intel core 2 duo quad
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